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Infrared laser wavelength: 850nm
Communication interface: IIC (400kHz), address 0x29 (7-bit), two programmable GPIO
Optimal working temperature: -10 ~ 60 ° C
Range (close) range: 0 ~ 100mm error 13mm
Under certain external environmental conditions, such as in dark environments, it can exceed 100mm
Temperature drift: 9 ~ 15mm Voltage drift: 3 ~ 5mm
Conversion time: 15ms
Ambient light range: 1~100kLux 16-bit output
Ambient light gain range: 1 to 40 (eight)
Ambient light sensitivity: 0.36Lux/count (535nm LED @ 1 kLux. Measured @ gain 20)
Angle response: 42 degrees
Linearity error: 5% (1 to 300 Lux), 10% (300 to 7500 Lux)
Gain error: 1% (gain 20), 7% (gain 1 to 10)

Package includes:

1 x Sensor Module

2.8V: 2.8V voltage on the power input pin;
GND: power ground;
SCL: I2C clock pin, connected to the master SCL;
SDA: I2C data pin, connected to the master SDA;
GPIO1: A pin used by the sensor to indicate that the data is ready.

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