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Module using chip: TXS0108E
High-speed full-duplex 8-channel level conversion module
Provide two-way communication capabilities
VCCA terminal support voltage 1.2V-3.6V
VCCB terminal support voltage 1.65v-5.5v
Common level shifting capabilities such as 3.3-5V 1.8-3.3v are available
Main application:
1. 5V MCU and 3.3V module, 3.3V MCU and 5V module and other communication compatible support
2. Level conversion of single chip and SD card communication
3. Single-chip microcomputer and iic, spi serial device level conversion
4. OE enable IO is active high, it is recommended to connect IO port on low voltage side

Package includes:

1 x TXS0108E Converter

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