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The LTC2944 measures battery charge state, battery volt-age, battery current and its own temperature in portable product applications. The wide input voltage range allows use with multicell batteries up to 60V. A precision coulomb counter integrates current through a sense resistor between the battery’s positive terminal and the load or charger. Voltage, current and temperature are measured with an internal 14-bit No Latency ΔΣ™ ADC. The measurements are stored in internal registers accessible via the onboard I2C/SMBus Interface.
The LTC2944 features programmable high and low thresh-olds for all four measured quantities. If a programmed threshold is exceeded, the device communicates an alert using either the SMBus alert protocol or by setting a flag in the internal status register. The LTC2944 requires only a single low value sense resistor to set the measured current range.
Measured accumulated battery charge and discharge
3.6V to 60V operating range for multi-cell applications
Maximum temperature and current conversion time: 8MS
Maximum voltage conversion time: 48MS
Temperature sensing range: 236.85 degree
Voltage, current and charging accuracy: 1%
Detection voltage range: ±50MV
I2C / SMBUS interface configurable alarm output / charge completion input
Quiescent current: < 150MA
IIC communication frequency: 400 ~ 900KHZ
14-bit zero-delay ADC is responsible for measuring voltage, current 12 bits) and temperature (11 bits)

IIC hardware address: 1100100x (x is the read/write direction control bit);
- VCC: The pull-up resistor common terminal of the three communication ports on the board should be connected to the VCC of the external controller;
- ALCC: alarm output or charge completion input, default alarm mode;
- S+: SENSE + chip power supply terminal and induced current positive input terminal;
- S-: Inductive current negative input terminal and positive terminal of the tested battery power supply;
- SDA: IIC data signal line;
- SCL: IIC clock signal line

Package includes:

3 x Board with pin

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