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Product Description

(1)Choice of normal open or normal close
(2)No standby power requirement.
(3)Customer can define activated distance, cable length and connector.
(4)Hermetically sealed, suit to tough environment and long life.
Working principle
When the float ball rises or falls with the liquid to the level of the switch, The magnetic force of magnet which inside of the float ball will cause the reed switch to turn ON. When the float ball move away from the reed switch, the reed switch will turn OFF.


Product Name

Stainless float ball switch



Max Contact Rating

Max Switch Voltage220VDC
Max Switch Current1A

Max Contact Resistance

100m ohm
Temperature Rating-10 – +85C

Float Ball Material

Stainless Steel

Float Body Material

Stainless Steel
Screw Thread Diameter9.5mm/0.27"
ColorSilver Tone
1.Q:Float ball point can move?
A:NO,Float point is fixed, a circlip is limited up and down. Circlip can't move, the dry reed pipe inside contact can't move
2.Q:Float ball switch can directly control pump, electromagnetic valve or alarm?
A:NO,Because the inside of the float switch reed tube small contact current, control of load will burn out. Control solenoid valve, the alarm will be added small relay, control the water pump to add small relays and ac contactor.

Package Includes:

1 x Stainless float ball switch

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