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PulseSensor is a photoelectric reflective analog sensor for pulse heart rate measurement. 
Wear it on the finger, earlobe, etc., through the wire connection, the collected analog signal can be transmitted to the arduin0 and other single-chip microcomputers for conversion to digital signals, and then the heart rate value can be obtained by simple calculation by the arduin0 MCU, and the pulse can be obtained. 
The waveform is uploaded to the computer to display the waveform.


Board diameter: 16mm
Board thickness: 1.6mm (common PCB thickness)
LED peak wavelength: 515nm
Supply voltage: 3.3v or 5v
Output signal type: analog signal
Output signal size: 0~3.3v (3.3v power supply) or 0~5v (5v power supply)
Current size: ~4ma (5V)

Package includes:

1 x Sensor (with three DuPont lines, 20cm, the colors of the lines are random)
4 x Black gluing
1 x Ear clip (16mm)
1 x Strap
9 x Transparent film

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