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1. Equipped with start-stop button, and can be external switch control, to meet various customer control requirements
2. Motor soft start function. When starting the motor, the current increases slowly and there is no shock current, which can effectively protect the motor and prolong its service life
3. Duty cycle, duty cycle upper and lower limits and working frequency can be set to facilitate customers to operate and use their motors according to their working characteristics.
4. Digital encoder knob adjusts motor speed, which is more accurate and consistent than ordinary potentiometer.
5. With standard 5135 instrument shell, convenient for customer installation.
Model: ZK-MG
Material: Plastic+Metal
Color: Black
Working voltage: DC5V~30V, input anti-reverse connection protection
Rated current: 5A maximum current 15A
Maximum power: 150W
Working frequency: 1KHz~99KHz adjustable, 1KHz step, default frequency of 20KHz, the accuracy of about 1%
Duty cycle: 0-100%, 1% step
Product size: 76x43x26mm/2.96×1.68×1.01in
Product weight: 41g/1.44oz
Package Size: 100x50x50mm/3.9×1.95×1.95in
Package Weight: 64g/2.24oz
General Box Package
Package Included:
1 x DC Motor Controller PWM

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