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Product Description

BugC is a programmable robot base compatible with the M5StickC. This has four DC motors, motor driver, two RGB LEDs, battery holder and a switch. The Bugc base needs to be used in conjunction with the M5StickC controller. The base comes with an STM32F030F4 micro controller which controls all the motors and LEDs and this is controlled through I2C protocol by the M5StickC which sits on top of the base.
Product Features:
remote control
Four-way motor driver
4xGeared motors
Simple and compact design
Equipped with a battery holder
Flexible movement in all directions
Weight and Size
Size: 55mm * 40mm * 25mm
Output shaft: ⌀0.81mm
Weight: 34g
Motor Specification:
Rated voltage: 3.7V DC
Rated speed: 15000-2000rpm
Rated current: 50mA
Stall current: 70mA
Insulation resistance: 10MΩ
RC motor
Robot control
Smart and cognitive toys
Package Included:
1x BugC base
1x 16340 Battery
1. UIFlow
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