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The OpenMV IMU expansion board can not only obtain acceleration, speed, magnetic field, but more importantly, it can directly obtain attitude, including quaternion and Euler angle.

The IMU expansion board uses BNO055, 9-D0F sensors and a built-in attitude fusion algorithm to fuse the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope data into a stable three-axis direction
OpenMV can obtain the following sensor data:
• Absolute direction (Euler angle, 100Hz) three-axis direction data 360 °
• Quaternions represented by floating-point numbers in absolute direction (quaternion, 100Hz) for more precise operations.
• Angular speed (100Hz) three-axis rotation speed in rad / s
• Angular acceleration (100HZ) three-axis acceleration (gravity + linear motion), the unit is m / s ^ 2
• Magnetic field (20Hz) triaxial magnetic field in micro Tesla (uT)
• Linear acceleration (100Hz) three-axis acceleration (acceleration minus gravity), the unit is m / s ^ 2
• Gravitational acceleration (100Hz) The gravitational acceleration of three axes (minus the effects of all movements), the unit is m / s ^ 2
• Temperature (1Hz) ambient temperature in degrees Celsius

Package includes:

1 x IMU expansion board

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